Shame on UW

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University of Washington employees devote their lives to providing a quality environment for patients and students. Their commitment and their work has made UW one of the most preeminent public universities in the world. However, growing inequality on campus and in medical facilities puts the university's future in jeopardy.

  • A Growing Gap:  While top executives rake in six figure salaries and collect their annual pay increases, frontline workers and their families continue to fall behind. Some executives received as much as a $51,000 raise in 2017.
  • Low Wages:  University management has refused to provide pay increases that keep up with King County's rising cost of living, creating greater uncertainty for their lowest paid workers and instability for the patients and students they serve.
  • Layoffs:  In November after decades of mismanagement at Harborview and UW Medicine, administrators announced its plan to close Consolidated Laundry. These workers are vital to public health and are primarily women, immigrants, and people of color.

It's time for the culture at UW to reflect Washington values. Write your legislators today! #ShameOnUW

The average pay of the UW's top 100 earners take home more in a single month than UW Laundry workers take home in a year.

Yet one of the UW's budget solutions i

Since January of 2018, workers at the UW Consolidated Laundry have engaged in numerous efforts to halt