Growing pay gap hurts workers and families

The average pay of the UW's top 100 earners take home more in a single month than UW Laundry workers take home in a year.

Yet one of the UW's budget solutions is to layoff 100 predominantly immigrant people of color. 

Contract negotiations between the UW and the AFSCME Council 28 (WFSE) hit a wall in September when the two parties could not reach agreement over pay increases for classified staff. 

Like other state employees in King County, the WFSE's UW bargaining unit sought 3% in 2019; 3% in 2020 and 5% locality pay. The UW says it's financial constraints force them to close the consolidated laundry and limit state employee increase to 2% in 2019; 2% in 2020 and 2% for locality pay. 

The UW's financial constraints did not prevent them from providing pay increases exceeding $21,000 to it's top earners.*

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* OFM State Employee Salaries